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Progressive PR Jobs

Once a month, Effect Communications emails its "Progressive PR Jobs" newsletter to over 600 subscribers, mostly progressive communications people.

The primary purpose of the newsletter is to spread the word about communications jobs, but we also share news about other topics relevant to the progressive communications world.

You can post job descriptions for free or peruse them directly from the newsletter, where you'll find progressive "communications director" jobs, "graphic design" jobs, "consultant or PR firm jobs," and others.

Each month's newsletter becomes the new homepage for the Progressive PR Jobs webpage www.truespinconference.com/jobs. Anyone who visits the website can post jobs or review the ones already posted there.

The newsletter also lists resources that progressive PR people might want to know about.

To see sample newsletters, click here: www.truespinconference.com/jobs/archive_list.php

To get the FREE newsletter, visit www.truespinconference.com/jobs and click on "Subscribe to Progressive PR Jobs Newsletter" on your left.

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