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Media Stunts

We've executed every type of media stunt imaginable, using props ranging from banners and turkeys to coffins and lemons. Recently, we organized a small group of citizens to pour Pepsi Cola down the sewer to illustrate their opposition to selling Pepsi in public schools, and we scored national news coverage. That's the beauty of a funny or confrontational photo op. You can reach millions of people with a minimal investment, if the time is right, you work hard, and—to some extent—you get lucky.

Working with our national network of artists and activists, we can organize all elements of a media stunt—developing ideas, creating props, and pitching reporters. Or we can take your idea and make it happen. Our media events have been covered by the most powerful media outlets in the country—as well as hundreds of local outlets nationwide.

If you want more information about media stunts, check out Chapter 1 of Making the News: A Guide for Nonprofits and Activists (Jason Salzman: Westview Press, 2003).

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