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Guerilla marketing

Some people think guerilla marketing is calling a newspaper and working through reporters until you find one that bites. We think that's just good PR.

Here's what real guerilla marketing looks like-and we can get all of it done for you:

Stickers. How about pasting stickers in the bathroom stalls at the pooh-bah black tie dinner? Or on parking meters out front? Or on car bumpers?

Flyers. Plastered on cars? On windshields? Trash cans?

Street Posters. You know, the kind that are stuck hard to lamposts, benches, construction barriers, streetlight boxes, everywhere. We love to wheatpaste. Click here to read how to do this yourself.

Flyers. Sure, we'll hand them out in front of any event or on any street corner, but why not target cars or offices? Or let us sneak in to private events and hand them out.

Banners. You tell us where you to want it, we'll hang it there.

Creative Monkey Wrenching. Let's think together about what makes sense for you.

If you want to do this sort of thing yourself, the links below are a tiny fraction of what's out there, waiting beautifully for you in cyberspace.

Billboard Alteration (www.billboardliberation.com)

Culture Jamming (www.adbusters.org, www.sniggle.net)

Direct Action (www.ruckus.org, www.warresisters.org)

Hoaxes (www.theyesmen.org)

Pranks (www.researchpubs.com)

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