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Coaching you and your staff

Our seminars are fun, interactive, entertaining-and, yes, educational. We will design a workshop tailored to your specific training needs and budget, ranging in length from one hour to a full day-or a series of sessions. Here are some of the presentations we have to offer.

Stop Being A Bore: Creative Media Tactics 101
This powerpoint presentation shows how activists use creative, visual stunts to get media coverage. You will leave this workshop thinking visually about your cause and inspired to use more aggressive and funny media tactics in your work. For a group of any size.

Make Sure Your "Media Event" Gets Media
This presentation covers all aspects of organizing a media event, even the smallest boring details like remembering to put an organizational sign on the podium.

Media "How-To" Nuts and Bolts
You tell us which segments of the media (editorial boards, news web sites, blogs, letters-to-the-editor, guest opinions, talk radio) you are targeting, and we'll explain how you can get the coverage you want. This works for a group of any size.

Release a Report and Make it Relevant
This presentation explains how to release a data-laden report to the news media. For any a group of any size.

Interviews: How to Deliver Unforgettable Sound Bites
This is basic hands-on interview training. After a discussion about the interview process, we videotape workshop participants as they explain their organizational mission and deliver soundbites. Each participant's performance is evaluated individually. This works best for groups of fewer than 30.

Ask Dr. Media
Workshop participants come to this workshop with specific media dilemmas or problems. We address the dilemmas as a group, devising viable solutions. This works for groups of fewer than 30.

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